How do you increase your market share by 18 percentage points with the help of Quantia? Our client’s success story.

In the highly competitive electro industry, staying ahead of the competition is not just a goal – it’s a necessity. Here’s a story about how one of our clients beat its competitors using our AI tool.

What was the challenge?

Our client faced a major challenge in the electro industry. Despite their efforts, they found it difficult to increase their market share in a key category. Their main competitor was dominant, leading the category by a staggering 50 percentage points. Our client’s share fluctuated between 17-28%, far behind their competitor’s 69-76%.

Identifying the core issue

With Quantia’s help, we fixed all the basics together. Our initial strategies focused on expanding distribution and improving the promotional calendar. While these actions led to a small increase in market share, they were insufficient to make a significant impact and overtake the competition. Our analysis, supported by Quantia, revealed a significant oversight: our client was not competing at the most important price point, which was key to capturing the target market.

Strategic pivot, implementation, and results

Our client introduced the same product at a price within the range of the best-selling products. This strategic move was a turning point. Within a few weeks, our client’s market share increased by an impressive 18 percentage points. This change not only narrowed the gap with the leading competitor but also made our client a significant player in the market.

Beyond Success

This story is about the power of adapting to market needs and using the right tools. If you want to transform your business and strengthen your market position, Quantia AI is your partner in overcoming these challenges.

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