Quantia is NOT "another" analytical tool - automation is what you need in 2024

Quantia connects retailers, brands and socio-economic data, analyzes it all „in the back” using algorithmic models and provides a clear action plan, not just graphs.

Infographic of Quantia AI technology workflow, highlighting stages from data sources to business impact through AI and machine learning algorithms.

Per retailer and location!

Digital Shelf Forecasting and Analytics

  • Distribution & availability per retailer and location
  • Pricing per retailer and location
  • Search positioning per retailer and location
  • Advertising & media per retailer and location
  • Sales & Shares per retailer and location

Understand what truly impacts your eCommerce Sales and make the right business decisions.

Predict & plan future sales with historic data

Computing powers opened up the new possibility of not only looking at the past but also predicting the future. Quantia.ai points out key events and anomalies that are likely to occur in the future so you can plan your resources better.

Simplify Brand Management

Analyze particular retailers and locations, compare sales results to a specific area, team, or person.

Quantia will also help you figure out the right goals to set for teams as a brand or ecommerce manager.

Understand competitor's strategies better

With our insights we will show you exactly where it hurts you most so that you can take corrective measures earlier on!

Optimize Supply Chain & Distributors Management

Find out where out of stocks are about to happen before they actually hit your sales. Quantia.ai brings new level of out-of-stock management for account and logistic managers so that your products are available all the time & everywhere.

Unlock the power of store-based automated recommendations to grow your business

We’ll present you with how Quantia Analytics helps brands, ecommerce and brand managers act on their business in the most efficient way possible.

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You get access to all our features including competitive analysis, product price optimization, sales performance and more.

Find the right goals for your team or region and see how you’re doing against them with our analytical tools.

Our data-driven insights will help you understand what mistakes were made in the past so you can improve on future successes – from understanding competitor’s actions to finding out which products are best sellers in different locations.

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Quantia analytics dashboard with performance QuickScore, sales trend graph, and key metrics for e-commerce optimization.